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After 4 years and 9 months of many good souls praying to our Lady to bring the issues with the Crookston Diocese to light and resolution, Bishop Cozzens gives the faithful HOPE.

On behalf of Ron and his family, many thanks to all the good souls who offered prayers and fasting for the purification of the Diocese of Crookston.

A personal note from Ron and Patty:

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

We want to personally thank everyone who has prayed for us and our family. There were many dark days in these last few years not knowing what the resolution would be. By God’s grace the Crookston Diocese has been blessed with a faith filled Bishop who has pledged to restore HOPE to the faithful. We believe him. Bishop Cozzens has visited with us. He was the first official from the Crookston Diocese to apologize for what our family experienced. In his press conference he said it was important to listen to the survivors of sex abuse. His actions speak louder than words, he is a man of his word. We thank Bishop Cozzens for his listening and assurance of continued prayers for our family.

We were honored to be invited to and attend Vespers and the Installation. Prior to attending Vespers we were apprehensive, not having been in attendance at any functions in the Crookston Diocese for many years. We were wondering how people would react to us being there. We prayed for strength and humility. There were many people in attendance that warmly greeted us. There were few who avoided us. We pray for resolution and healing for anyone who has been affected by this ordeal. Let all of us work on healing and forgiveness as Jesus taught us, “as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

Prior to Bishops Cozzens installation someone told me he was praying, by name, for Bishop Cozzens to be the next bishop of The Crookston Diocese. The day of the installation three people told me they had prayed that Bishop Cozzens would be the new bishop. All our prayers were answered.

Through out this time of strife, we have prayed for the truth to be revealed, resolution and purification of the diocese, and a Holy Bishop. God answered all our prayers. Bishop Cozzens has a lot of work to do in restoring HOPE in the Diocese. With your prayer for him and for healing hearts in the diocese, we can all look forward to a rebirth of evangelization and renewal of our faith in the days and years to come.

The devil is always lurking to destroy TRUTH. Let us all pray and live our lives to never let the devil defeat us. We can, together, make certain goodness and love be our first defense against the evil one.

Let us all use this Advent season to prepare our hearts for the gift of Christ in our lives. Without him we are nothing.




Ron and Patty

This website will continue to present truth. We will update as needs present themselves.


Click here to watch the Installation Mass

See below to read the Apostolic Mandate from Pope Francis

apostolic mandate
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