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Why is the Diocese Threat of Bankruptcy a Real Threat to TRUTH?

Bankruptcy stops civil action



1. An evidentiary hearing on Doe 19's motion for sanctions shall be held at

9:00 a.m. on Mav 31. 2018. at the Pennington County Courthouse, Thief River Falls,


2. The attached Memorandum is made a part of this Order.

Dated this 11 th day of December, 2017.

Kurt J Marben

An order dismissing Doe 19's complaint with prejudice was filed on May 18, 2016.

Following the settlement and dismissal of the case, Doe 19's attorneys were retained to represent Ronald Vasek in a lawsuit he brought against the Diocese and Bishop Michael Joseph Hoeppner in May 2017. Vasek alleged that he had been sexually abused when he was a child by Monsignor Roger Grundhaus, a priest employed by the Diocese. Vasek also alleged that he reported his abuse to Bishop Hoeppner, the bishop for the Diocese, in approximately 2009 or 2010. This report, however, was never produced by the Diocese in response to the August 13, 2015 Order in the Doe 19 case. Doe 19 asks the Court to impose sanctions on the Diocese for violating the Court's discovery order. He asks the Court to order the Diocese to produce:

Monsignor Grundhaus's file; the files and documents of any other priest(s) who works in the Diocese who has been accused of sexual abuse of a minor and/or possession of distribution of child pornography; and pay $1,627 for attorney's fees and costs.

Doe 19, however, does not seek to set aside his settlement or otherwise reopen his case.


These are excerpts from Judge Marben’s ruling and order.

The Bishop was ordered to appear in front of Judge Marben on May 31, 2018. The purpose of this hearing was for the judge to ask Bishop Hoeppner why Msgr. Grundhaus was not on the list Judge Marben ordered from him, the Diocese in 2015. The bishop by his own admission in official statements in the OND, this appears in the website, stated he knew of the abuse in 2011. Judge Marben wanted this information in 2015, four years after Bishop Hoeppner knew of the abuse. Grundhaus’s name did not appear on the list, Judge Marben wants to know why.

So do we.

The Diocese response to the court order is the letter, posted in this website. One would wonder how someone telling the truth would cause the Diocese to declare bankruptcy when the only financial compensation was $1627 for attorney fees.


Bankruptcy stops civil action

Should the diocese file bankruptcy all civil cases are halted in their tracks, no testimony.

$1627 dollars should not bankrupt the diocese.

Are Bishop Hoeppner and the Vicar General, Msgr. Foltz, (VG as of June 15, 2015) hiding behind legal maneuvering to avoid telling Judge Marben they (neglected) to tell him the truth in 2015?

These are the facts, you be the judge.


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