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Anderson Calls Bishop Hoeppner The Most Dangerous And Deceptive Bishop In America Today

In a press release this week, Jeff Anderson calls Crookston Diocese Bishop Michael Hoeppner’s decision to reinstate Fr. Patrick Sullivan to public ministry dangerous and deceptive. Jeff Anderson & Associates represent Doe 457, who has brought a lawsuit against the Diocese of Crookston alleging abuse from Fr. Sullivan. Fr. Sullivan was placed on suspension in 2016 due to a report that he sexually abused a minor. He was reinstated December 23, 2017 and allowed to resume his position at the St. Elizabeth and St. Andrew parishes in Dilworth and Hawley, MN. Although the criminal charges have not been filed, the civil lawsuit involved in this case is still active and parties are still exchanging information. Anderson states, “The decision by the diocese and Bishop Hoeppner to return Fr. Sullivan to ministry while the lawsuit is pending is reckless because Fr. Sullivan poses a threat of harm to children and deceptive because there is information that has not been made known to the public that is in Bishop Hoeppner’s possession that demonstrates that this diocese and Hoeppner are doing the wrong thing again.” Such information includes a profession evaluation that was conducted of Fr. Sullivan in 2009 at the request of Bishop Hoeppner that Anderson feels demonstrated the serious risk of harm Sullivan poses.

Click on underlined segments to see attached documents for the full press release, a timeline of the lawsuit involving Fr. Sullivan, and a timeline of Fr. Sullivan’s assignments as a priest.


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