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Diocese Neglected To Include Msgr. Grundhaus In Court Ordered List

A court order on August 13, 2015 ordered the Diocese of Crookston to release all information “related to alleged abuse of children under the age of 18 by clergy, reports of such abuse, and priests accused of such abuse, occurring prior to 1985”. This list was to be released by September 1st, 2015.

In 2010, Bishop Hoeppner was made aware of the allegations of abuse in 1971 by Msgr. Grundhaus. Clearly this would have met the requirements of inclusion in this court order.

However, here is a list of names that was released.

Crookston List

Why was Msgr. Grundhaus not included on the list? Certainly he would at least meet the requirements of “related to alleged abuse”. Even if the bishop claims that Ron wanted to keep the allegation confidential, Msgr. Grundhaus could be included on the list. The list does not state the victims that had allegations of abuse.

Then, in October 2015 Ron was asked to come to the Bishop’s residence, and was asked to sign a letter stating that there was not an allegation of abuse? Isn’t this timing a little suspicious?

To read more on the significance of the letter, go to the blog post dated 11/24/17.


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